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Use gallery data connection in Connect In-DB tool

Hi Alteryx Team, 


Now, Connect In-DB cannot use the data connection in gallery.

User need to input those DB info as well as the login and password.


I suggest to enhance the Connect In-DB tool, so that can select/use the gallery data connection. 


From enterprise point of view:

1. No database credentials and connection properties be shared to designer user. It can reduce the risk from abnormal access. 

2. Easy to manage the access control by Alteryx Admin in gallery. Can assign the data connections to different group of users. More convenience for audit.

3. Easy to maintain the data connection by Alteryx Admin in gallery. For example, reset the database password or update the connection properties . 


On the other hand, it is better to setup in-DB data connection in gallery. 


Best regards,


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Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
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