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Upstream tools connected to the interface, run before the interface is presented to user!

Wouldn't it be great to be able to pick results from a drop down, based on the up-stream tools in the workflow? I had this situation many times, where I had to create a complex, chained app, just because the tools connected to the interface can't run before the interface tools are displayed to the end user.


For example, imagine an app, that based on what column it sees, it lets you drop one by just picking it from a drop down. It would open many development opportunities, and decrease the number of chained apps we need to build.

10 - Fireball

Hi @Szymon_Czuszek 

I've previously built apps where a drop down is based on an upstream tool, albeit a tool with static fields, and it works ok. 

Do you mean that you'd like the drop down to be able to work on an upstream tool that may have dynamic fields? 

8 - Asteroid

Yes, I mean something like this will not be dynamic: 


Dynamic Interface Dropdown.png


In the designer, it will change what is in the interface dynamically, but in the gallery, the result from the macro are cached, which makes the default option fixed in production.