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Smartsheets input and output connector needed

Connecting to Smartsheets using Alteryx Desktop (and by extension, Alteryx Server) is extremely cumbersome. If a user wants to read data from Smartsheet, they are required to get an API token (preferred) or use a username/password


Then do one of the following to read data from Smartsheets:

1. a. Install a ODBC driver

    b. Configure a DSN connection for ODBC
    c. Use the input data using a generic ODBC connection
2. Use python


To write data to Smartsheets, a user can use Python or upload the data using an API call - both very hard for end users to use especially if they're not Python developers.


Regardless, all of these are problematic. On the server I manage, I have over 15 ODBC connections to Smartsheets and it's getting very hard to upgrade the server hardware because of them. Creating a native connector for input/output of data to Smartsheets will eliminate a headache of managing ODBC connections, and make it simple for Alteryx Desktop users to read and write data.



5 - Atom

This would solve so many problems. I use SmartSheet all the time with many different input and output solutions. If I could avoid having to manage all these different options just to use one data tool with alteryx that would be most ideal. Thanks for submitting this request, @TheCoffeeDude!

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This would definitely solve a lot of problems. The idea of dragging one tool onto the canvas to navigate through SmartSheet data would be convenient and alleviate many headaches for several users. Great suggestion @TheCoffeeDude!

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Great suggestion @TheCoffeeDude ! We are in desperate need to simplify workflows to and from SmartSheet. @alteryx get to it!

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Accepting Votes
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This would be amazing, Alteryx folks!

5 - Atom

heavily incorporated as a data source in our org please add!

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Current Smartsheet configuration to setup/maintain by Alteryx admin on Gallery is not easy and even for Alteryx users to manage Smartsheet connection on there Designer, definitely creating  an native connector for input/output of data to Smartsheet will be huge plus for Alteryx users  who are using Smartsheet's.

5 - Atom

Wow!  What a great way to simplify working with SmartSheets!

5 - Atom

Good suggestion.

6 - Meteoroid

Our company would use this a lot!