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Setting pie chart colours

It would be good to be able to fix pie chart colours (either automatically of manually), so that when building a report, categories are given the same colour throughout the report across multiple pie charts.  Currently, if the number of categories being shown varies, there is no way to manually align the colours (In the Bar Chart type there is a Style Mode for the Series where you can use a formula to assign a colour based on a criteria such as the name, but not for pie charts).


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Thanks for the feature suggestion, we will consider it for a future release.  I would love to hear if this feature is of interest to others in the community.   Please let us know if you like it!

Thanks Again,
5 - Atom
I agree that it would be helpful.  I use the row & column rules all the time within the Table tool.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Not Planned

Thank you for your patience!


Our current product team has re-evaluated this idea and has determined that unfortunately we're unable to include it on the near future roadmap. However, our product team would like to revisit this when we reach our planned holistic updates to determine if it can be included then.

5 - Atom

This feature would be very helpful!


When providing multiple charts we want identical categories to have the same color in every chart!


Correct me if I'm wrong but we can't do that currently.