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Salesforce Input Tool - Existing Reports Option (remove 2000 record limit)

Currently, there isn't any option in the Salesforce Input tool > Existing Reports  to remove the 2000 record limit for queries. Is there any way of removing that cap so that our queries will return the correct number of records?


The Salesforce input tool has an option to select Salesforce report templatesThe Salesforce input tool has an option to select Salesforce report templatesBut the number of records is capped at 2000But the number of records is capped at 2000

5 - Atom

The Salesforce custom reports I use at my company output hundreds of thousands of rows. It is impractical to filter the data down to reach the 2000 row limit, as this would remove any value in the report. Essentially, the 2000 row limit renders the output useless. We need a way to remove the 2000 row cap.

6 - Meteoroid
The API limit is set by SalesForce in their Rest API. The only way around it is to write a custom SOQL query
5 - Atom

From my understanding, Alteryx uses a python script to query from salesforce. There are ways - in python - to run a consecutive series of reports to get around this using a key generated by salesforce with a report query. I have done it in python and have used other softwares that do, so it is possible. I'm sure there are ways in other languages as well. This would be very useful to my company to have. Very few reports have fewer than 2k records. Those that do are likely run by companies not using Alteryx. 

11 - Bolide

My idea is going into your direction :


There shouldnt be any reason that this macro does not fully support report input..