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SQL Query Performance Profiling

In order to speed up our workflows (which are very heavily tied to databases and DB queries) it would be valuable to be able to inspect the actual queries which were run against the SQL server so that we can index to optimize these queries directly in SQL Enterprise Manager (or the same on any DB platform - we have the same problem on DB2)


The idea would be to have a simple screen where I can run the workflow with a SQL profiling turned on, and then capture the output of either the entire workflow (grouped by connection so that I can tune one database with only the queries that apply) or a specific component on the canvas.


I appreciate that this is not something that would be required by a fair population of your users - but I'm sure that this will be helpful for any enterprise / corporate customers.


Thank you



12 - Quasar

in SqlServer and probably other DBs there is SET STATISTICS PROFILE {ON|OFF}.

I tried to use it but the input and dynamic input tools don't know what to do with the second output...there is only one output in these tools and it probably runs it together creating a schema discrepancy.


I would be happy if Alteryx would dive into those tools and enhance them to support using that SQL command, or some other fairly standard SQL provided solution, so we could get real runtime performance data.  This could be far superior to manually running things because in diverse environments issues popup and then disappear making it harder to replicate manually, plus a dozen other possibilities, like credentials, network node your on...etc..


The log does capture connection and a bit of the query straight from the tool running SQL but it does not provide any duration or other data on the query run itself.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
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