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Python Tool metadata needs to save and update

I would like to request that the Python tool metadata either be automatically populated after the code has run once, or a simple line of code added in the tool to output the metadata. Also, the metadata needs to be cached just like all of the other tools. 


As it sits now, the Python tool is nearly unusable in a larger workflow. This is because it does not save or pass metadata in a workflow. Most other tools cache temporary metadata and pass it on to the next tool in line. This allows for things like selecting columns and seeing previews before the workflow is run.


Each time an edit is made to the workflow, the workflow must be re-run to update everything downstream of the Python tool. As you can imagine, this can get tedious (unusable) in larger workflows.


Alteryx support has replied with "this is expected behavior" and "It is giving that error because Alteryx is 
doing a soft push for the metadata but unfortunately it is as designed."

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Thank you for your feedback!


I've updated your idea to include the Predictive tag since the Python tool is contained in that category. If you haven't yet be sure to check out our Submission Guidelines that go over the idea boards process in a bit better detail.

8 - Asteroid

I absolutely agree with dpeach. It is painful to work with the python tool. Please fix it!


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@dpeachand @Laszlo_D there is a new Python tool alternative which has metadata caching and other useful features. It's called the Jupyter Flow tool and along with metadata caching, it packages a specified set of site-packages into the tool as a managed dependency and thus can be easily shared and run on Server. Check it out and let others know if it's helpful!

9 - Comet

Hi @JeffA@dpeach@Laszlo_D  & @KylieF,


If you want to get rid off the python error no valid metadata you can encapsulate the python script into a macro following the steps I describe in this article: Python macros in Alteryx, how to get rid of the valid metadata error | by Alberto Hernández | Medium




Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
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13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

Agreed, there has to be a better way.