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Positioned Interface Tools (elements) horizontaL



For a improved presentation of the GUI elements (Inteface Tools), may be to use for an Analytic App.


It would be great if it were possible to position the Interface Tools also side by side, instead of one above the other.




Best regards


10 - Fireball

When is this coming???

13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

+1 to this idea!

We would like options to arrange elements side by side in the interface designer.


Does anyone know what function the left and right arrows perform?




6 - Meteoroid



@ddiesel The only function I know of is for moving Tabs around

6 - Meteoroid

+1 - particularly for date pickers

8 - Asteroid

@ddiesel The side buttons allow you to (individually and slowly) move each element (painstakingly and one at a time) to another tab. If you create a second tab, you can then bounce elements left and right to those tabs. 

8 - Asteroid

Is anyone reviewing this idea? It's still something we're very interested in. I'd love to add searches by hour or minutes side by side a calendar picker. (It'd do wonders to the UI if you can even integrate time into the calendar picker).  Or the ability to add related search boxes side by side. Listing all parameters out vertically on the page looks awful (even if you have them in separate tabs, there's no UI benefit to tabs other than to prevent a user from scrolling down). 

7 - Meteor

Alteryx absolutely needs this functionality.  I love Alteryx for its analytical abilities and ease of workflow building, but its end-user visuals are sorely lacking.  The lack of GUI visualization options and the very crude and clunky reporting tools need to be upgraded to match the high level of quality we all love from the rest of the product.

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Just here to bring back attention to this idea and say that I support it!



9 - Comet

Is there a status on this request?

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Whoops meant to tag @CristonS  😊