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Pass Parameters into Pre/Post SQL Statements

Right now in order to pass a parameter to pre/Post SQL we need to make a macro as a work around.

It would be really great if this was a native capability for the output tool so we don't have to replicate all the output too fields as macro inputs
11 - Bolide

yeah, I was surprised in the dynamic input I can only replace string in the query and NOT in pre or post SQL statements? Please add!

6 - Meteoroid

Agreed, this should be basic functionality. I need it too.

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7 - Meteor

Agree that this is a needed functionality.

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Alteryx Community Team
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11 - Bolide

Yes this should be native!

7 - Meteor

We also really need this functionality. Having a lot of macros to deal with parameters, something like ${PARAM} would be great!

7 - Meteor

Is there any update on this?
I need to update a SQL statement by passing dynamic parameters. Is there any workaround ?

7 - Meteor


I have found a workaround to pass dynamic parameters into a SQL statement by using a Dynamic Input tool. 


The key is to set up the Dynamic Input tool with a short expression that passes the syntax check in the SQL Editor.  This will allow the workflow to show up without an error. I have found the following short generic SQL expression has worked for me in my environment.


SELECT 1 as success /* From */


You may need to tweak the above expression to work in your environment or use an actual expression that works. The point is to configure the Dynamic Input tool with a short expression that actually works or trick Alteryx into passing the syntax check.


You then build your actual SQL expression that you want to run (with the dynamic variable you want to pass) in a formula tool. Then it is a matter of configuring the Dynamic Input tool with the option of "Replace a Specific String". You will replace the whole short expression you had previously entered with the new expression you built in the formula tool. 


When you run the workflow the Dynamic Input tool it will replace the generic SQL expression with the new expression that has the dynamic variable. 


I have also used this same method as a way to run a delete expression that will delete records after a dynamic date.