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Output Data, Update / Insert if New - allow any unique key (not just primary key)

Many of us use auto-increment primary keys in our tables, but these PK's don't exist in the raw data as a natural key.  So when we get new raw data, we cannot use the Update / Insert if New method which keys off the Primary Key.


Imagine if you could select ANY unique key on the table instead?  


There's no reason not to allow this from a SQL perspective, though it might be a little less efficient for some DB engines.  But it would make things so much easier!!!


Right now, I instead load to a temp holding table and then do deletes and inserts using the Post Create SQL statement.

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

This is important for anyone using Alteryx to maintain dimension tables in a larger BI environment - since as Pete says, the primary key on the dimension table is generally a synthetic key, with updates being related to the natural key (and in some cases the combo of the Natural key and the natural Key source)


Agree that this would be very helpful.

7 - Meteor

Agreed. Would be really helpful.


Hopefully, alteryx takes notice. 

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8 - Asteroid

This is one of the basic and most common thing to have in any ETL projects.

Definitely recommend this feature to avoid the SQL or SP approach which is time consuming.