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New Money Datatype or Function

Alteryx is brilliant at handling dates and understands them natively. Very often businesses want to analyse money, and in all sorts of ways. In Alteryx if a column contains $123.45 Alteryx thinks it is a string, and one then has to mess around converting it to a number. Alteryx should recognise that anything like $123.45 or €123 or £1,234,567 is actually money and is a number not a string. This could be achieved either by  having a money datatype (like MS Access) or if that is too hard, a function that converts a string version of money into a number irrespective of padding, commas or decimal points.




7 - Meteor

Same goes for columns like 12.3%. 

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

:-) while I agree with the sentiment and have a similar issue, not sure that I would tackle it by adding a range of additional types because the more types you add, the more you have compatabilty issues with every different data-store type on earth.


I think it would be helpful to have an option to format strings more visually (like Excel offers)- and then you can use the data-cleanse macro that comes with Alteryx 11 to strip back 12.5% to 12.5 or $23.252 to 23.252



5 - Atom

This is a huge 'bug' for our teams.  All of our currency fields are stored as money instead of decimals.  Each field that is stored as money comes in as a string.  EVERY user has to convert that string to a double on every field.  As you can imagine, this is cumbersome and inefficient for the users of our organization.  Given "money" is a valid data type, can we get Alteryx to recognize it???