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Neo4j Input/Output Tools Needed

With the continued growth of Graph Databases, it would be nice for Alteryx to creates a new tool set that would allow input/output connectors for Graph Databases like Neo4j which software tools like Pentaho and Talend already have.



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Totally agree. I have quite a need to send data to a graphDB to perform graph related computations and then extract the result for further analysis and visualization. Adjacency matrix type calculations aren't fast enough on relational DBs.

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A native, optimized connector using the Bolt driver for Neo4j would be a huge plus compared to using Python code or the HTTP API... both alternatives are too slow for any serious connections to a Neo4j database.


Hey all! Check out these new Neo4j Connectors recently authored by @tlarsen7572


Hope this helps! 😊

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
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