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Make backup (bak) file creation optional

The bak file that is automatically created (and re-created if deleted) really clutters up our folders.

Please allow us to either turn it off, or specify a different location to hold our back up files.


8 - Asteroid

I would concur, at very least be able to specify where .bak files go, it clutters up all my folders. 

7 - Meteor

I would like the ability to both turn off and specify a directory for .bak files.  I use a git server for long-term storage and version control.  If I could specify a directory for .bak files, I could simply put a  very simple .gitignore file in that directory so that the .bak files are not picked up by git, instead of having a more complex .gitignore file or set of files. 


Turning off .bak generation is another good option, but having them does add another degree of safety.  For now, I will implement a variant of the approach @nparikh posted above, i.e. automated script that moves the .bak files to  a .directory ignored by git.



5 - Atom

5 years later, no progress on this rudimentary feature...


In case you're familiar with python, you can use below code.


from pathlib import Path


home_dir = Path().home() # default user folder, e.g. C:/Users/user1

report_dir = home_dir.joinpath(r"Desktop/report_folder") # C:/Users/user1/Desktop/report_folder


for file in report_dir.iterdir():
    # remove Alteryx' clutter
    if str(file).endswith(".bak"):


You can e.g. save this as .py file and schedule the cleanup with Task Scheduler (on Windows), or maybe get it to work with the "Run Command" tool (I couldn't).

5 - Atom

Agreed with all comments -- please allow us to turn off the automatic creation of backup files, or specify a different folder that's not the root.  Writing scripts is all very well and good, but some of us consultants have clients in Finance who have locked down the desktop and do not allow admin privileges, so scripting won't work.

8 - Asteroid

@trymzetAgreed. Stuff like this is an utter embarrassment for Alteryx if they had any self-awareness. This is something that could be implemented with very little code, but here we are waiting 5 years. It shows Alteryx is more of a marketing company and they don't listen to developers.

7 - Meteor

+1 on this one, really annoying to have the BAK files pop up everywhere I save my workflows. I also believe this should be a relatively easy fix.

11 - Bolide

I agree. Would love to turn them off for outputs. 

5 - Atom

Being able to specify a directory would be great.

10 - Fireball

Adding my love to this request. Thinks would be much tidier if I the backup files were saved in a backup folder, or could be turned off altogether.


The suggestion is almost six years old but still under review. Can anyone at Alteryx provide an update on whether this is being considered/prepared?

5 - Atom

Looks like the comments are piling up like the .bak files on this feature request!


I'd like to see this update too like the rest. Make it happen, @Alteryx!