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In DB : Choose the base or schema of the Temp Table (Security failure)



Here a use case :

I work on the projects A and B with Alteryx inj IN DB mode.


My coworker works only on project B and have no rights to the data of project A.


When using temporary table in Alteryx, we both create the temporary tables in the default database. The issue is my coworker can see my temporary data of project A, which is not safe.

Solution : allow me to specify the database/schema when I create my temporary table.

13 - Pulsar

+1 this is a HUGE issue...

7 - Meteor



We restrict the public schema to all users and only DBAs - so I can't even create temp tables when using data stream in. 

6 - Meteoroid

Agreed, having to grant an Oracle user the 'CREATE ANY TABLE' System Privilege is way too much power.

13 - Pulsar

One of the biggest issues for Alteryx in-db, .

Turnarounds we found (not satisfying) :

-an odbc connection and a in-db connection  by user right profile, the temp base/schema being set in the odbc

-prohibit the usage of temp tables

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Alteryx Community Team
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10 - Fireball