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Formatting report header to two lines

In the ‘Report – Table’ tool I would like to be able to force headings to multiple lines. For example If I have a heading such as “Catchment (%)” or “Spend (£)”, I would like there to be an easy way to make the (%) / (£) move to the second line when I have fixed width columns.


10 - Fireball
Adding to this request and in a similar vein, it would also be good if Newline characters held in the Table format. At present, if a cell has a newline character in it, this is removed when the table is created. 
5 - Atom
Wondering also about having the ability to rotate header row values 90% (or any angle) for simpler/cleaner presentation.
8 - Asteroid

Has any progress been made on this idea, or is there an alternative solution? I'm hoping to align these three tables by forcing a header in the first table to be 3 lines (to match the other two tables).Table_snippet.PNG


Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Revisit

Thank you for your idea! Our product team is very interested in this feature. However, we unfortunately cannot place this feature on the current near future road map for the Table tool. But we would like to consider this feature for future updates to the Table tool, and will do our best to update the status of this idea once we can better speak on when or if it will be included.

7 - Meteor

+1 for this need

7 - Meteor

+1 for me too!