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Expand the default filter with extra option.

Is it possible to expand the filter function with an extra option to select a field with a filter definition in it. I want this so i can define a filter over multiple fields an type.


Alteryx filter.png

I saw that Carlos has made a similar macro (Click here).


To execute a filter saved in a record set i now have build a macro. this is how my macro looks like. nothing fancy but it does his job. 

Filter Macro.PNG

the macro is then called like this:

Filter Execution.PNG

regards Humberto

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hey @kelkboom


I believe you can do exactly what you're looking for, using a Dynamic Replace with a filter immediately following it.   Dynamic Replace is able to push in and evaluate a formula as you're asking for.    Not saying we shouldn't extend the filter tool, but just that you may have a way round this using existing tools.


Have a look at the help - there's a specific example that you can copy that does this.


You can find it in the help hereYou can find it in the help hereThe first example does what you are looking forThe first example does what you are looking for

7 - Meteor

Sorry for my late reaction, Yes It works. Changed it a bit and got it working

Thnx Humberto
result Dynamic replace.jpg

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17 - Castor
17 - Castor

While the dynamic replace can help in situations like this, it would be great if the functionality were built right into the filter tool!