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Default value on folder Interface tool

Similar to previous ideas from @patrick_mcauliffe and @shailesh_patel - would like to request 2 things:


Default on Folder Picker Interface tool

The folder picker tool does not currently allow a default value - this unnecessarily adds work if users have the same value 90% of the time.

Please add a field for the default value that will show when the interface starts up


Annotation 2019-09-20 074835.png





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5 - Atom

This is an old idea / post, but I found a decent workaround. In the action connecting a Folder Picker, choose Update Value with Formula, and then you can set "default" with an IF statement.


IF IsEmpty([#1]) THEN 'C:\Default\Directory\'
ELSE [#1]


Then, if the app is run when the folder picker is left blank, it will use the default. Alternatively, you could replace the literal string 'C:\Default\Directory\' with an additional textbox interface tool ([#2]), on which you could set the default string to your default directory.