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Custom Macro Annotation

When a custom (bespoke for @chrislove) macro is created, I would like the option to create an annotation that goes along with the tool.  This is entirely cosmetic, but might help users to recognize the macro.




8 - Asteroid

I agree.  This would be so helpful in my case I have multiple macros on the screen.  I tend to use the client logo for the icon but having a default annotation would be very helpful.

13 - Pulsar

How do you change the icon for the macro?


20 - Arcturus
20 - Arcturus

Use the interface Designer (CTRL+ALT+D)

Properties (Wrench)

You'll get to choose standard or custom icons

13 - Pulsar


7 - Meteor

I would love to see annotations added that are updatable via Action controls, so they can be updated based on how the macro user configures the tool.

7 - Meteor


Just want to add a non-cosmetic use case for this. I want to build a unit conversion macro. The user interface has two drop-downs allowing to choose the incoming and outgoing units. Without annotations, the macro will look the same in every configuration, making verification time-consuming if you have many instances of the tool.

The workaround is the user manually types the units pair in the annotation, essentially providing the information twice. 

So in my dream, the macro can dynamically set its own annotation, e.g. by using interface parameters in a formula-like box in the workflow properties.


Thanks :)


10 - Fireball

It has been 2 years since this was brought up?  Has it been resolved?

7 - Meteor

Hello, looking for something like this too!

10 - Fireball

I would like this.  The interface designer could just have an additional textbox for the default annotation.

12 - Quasar

I agree, this would be a great help in documenting apps etc.