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Concatenate Distinct values in 'Summarize' tool

We have 'CountDistinct' and 'Concatenate' options within Summarize tool. 

But 'Concatenate' displays all the instances of value for a Grouped field, this might include lot of duplicates.

It would be great to have an option like 'ConcatDistinct'.


For example - 



Group by 'Branch' and 'ConcatDistinct' Customer should result as Figure 1 instead of Figure 2 - 

Figure 1-



Figure 2-



While this is achievable in different ways currently with a set of tools, but it gets tedious when number of fields is large from which distinct values are to be captured. 


Thank you,


9 - Comet

I just wanted to upload a very similar feature request. I would like following two sub-categories of this:

  • Unique concatenate (preserving original order)
  • Unique concatenate alphabetically ordered

Also, this feature should work also when doing multiple concatenates in the same Summarize tool.

9 - Comet

This would be AMAZING and save so many tools. Right now I have to do a bunch of separate summarize tools and then join them back. Please please please!

9 - Comet

Just to add my use case, which is usually many fields that I want to summarize but have to do separate summarize tools and then join back:


to go from this:

ATomCole's Cookies
ATomSammy's Sandwiches
AJackSammy's Sandwiches
ATomAlice's Alligators
BranchNedAlice's Alligators

Bam's Bananas


to this:

ATom, JackCole's Cookies, Sammy's Sandwiches, Alice's Alligators
BNedAlice's Alligators, Bam's Bananas


I have to use 4 summarize tools and a join:



I often have more than two fields, so I have to use even more summarize tools and a join multiple to get them all back together.



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Not Planned
9 - Comet

Dear Alteryx team. Is there any chance that you revisit your decision to not implement this feature? It would prevent me from such clumpsy and slow workflows:



17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Countless times I wanted to do this and needed to add a few additional steps 😑

12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

I hope Alteryx plan to put that back in the table. Concatdistinct would save some good time of workarounds.

6 - Meteoroid

This is a great suggestion and I hope they reconsider. Meanwhile, if your workaround involves more than one tool try this:


Concatenate all fields in the same Summarize tool and follow with a formula tool. All it takes is a fairly generic regex pattern.


Here's an example using the same data from @phoebe_kelley's use case above...



Here are the regex formulas used in the formula tool for each concatenated field:


	[Concat_Customer], //string
	'^([^\,]+?)(?:\,\1)*(\,(?!\1)[^\,]+?)?(?:\,\1|\2)*((?!\,\1|\2)\,[^\,]+?)?(?:\,\1|\2|\3)*((?!\,\1|\2|\3)\,[^\,]+?)?(?:\,\1|\2|\3|\4)*((?!\,\1|\2|\3|\4)\,[^\,]+?)?(?:\,\1|\2|\3|\4|\5)*((?!\,\1|\2|\3|\4|\5)\,[^\,]+?)?(?:\,\1|\2|\3|\4|\5|\6)*$', //pattern
	'$1$2$3$4$5$6' //replace

	[Concat_Supplier], //string
	'^([^\,]+?)(?:\,\1)*(\,(?!\1)[^\,]+?)?(?:\,\1|\2)*((?!\,\1|\2)\,[^\,]+?)?(?:\,\1|\2|\3)*((?!\,\1|\2|\3)\,[^\,]+?)?(?:\,\1|\2|\3|\4)*((?!\,\1|\2|\3|\4)\,[^\,]+?)?(?:\,\1|\2|\3|\4|\5)*((?!\,\1|\2|\3|\4|\5)\,[^\,]+?)?(?:\,\1|\2|\3|\4|\5|\6)*$', //pattern
	'$1$2$3$4$5$6' //replace


This pattern removes duplicates from a delimited list with up to 6 unique values.

Click here for an explanation of the pattern. This link shows the same pattern using a different delimiter.