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Compatibility with Proxy Auto Configure (PAC) Scripts

As of today, Alteryx is not compatible with PAC, althouth it is pretty common in companies.


Asking for a few machine to be out of the GPO may be a real struggle with IT security and has only a few chances to succeed. I have a case when we cannot do an upgrade because of that regression (since old licensing seems to be ok).


Please change

9 - Comet

According to Alteryx support, it will change with Alteryx 2018.3.

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

:-) super important - this impacts both the download tool and also the new licensing infra.

This one is an older thread that asks for the same thing - well worth adding your support there too.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Accepted

Thanks so much for adding a suggestion to the Community. We have this on the roadmap in the next few quarters. We'll be sure to update the release notes when this is available. 

5 - Atom

Also we are struggling to update Alteryx Server at our place. It's a big issue when licencing will be over in few month.

6 - Meteoroid

Experiencing an issue publishing data sets on Power BI and after investigation with support identified the fact we use PAC.  We have no chance of changing the IT Security policy on this so a quick resolution to this would be appreciated



6 - Meteoroid

Corporate IT has chosen to move to the cloud. We can currently not push data to  Microsoft Power BI or Tableau Online.


In order to keep Alteryx as a part of the data analytic workflow, we need to be able to push to the cloud.

5 - Atom

Any update? We have the same problem. I need to be able to manually configure the proxy Alteryx uses.

5 - Atom
Our organization is also affected by this. We would like to experience the value of Alteryx but really need this capability to engage online user behavior. Thanks for any updates regarding the fix for this as soon as possible.
7 - Meteor

same problem here. This is very frustrating.

5 - Atom

Just got off a productive session with Alteryx's Chief Data & Analytics Officer, where we emphasized the outsized challenges this specific technical blocker is causing in our environment as well (navigating between cloud & on-prem data sources in the same workflow, publishing direct to the Power BI Service, accessing valuable external data) and my hope is this will get higher priority from the Product team.