8 - Asteroid

I have heard that statement many times & I have felt/thought about the same myself. I believe the main reason we feel that is because we are not the ones making the final decision. And hence the feeling that whatever we do, might or might not lead into some kind of transformation. 


However it is upto us data people to help/guide the top management in driving this digital transformation. At 7-Eleven we have a set of 7 Leadership Principles. And my favorite one is 'Challenge the Status Quo'. As an analyst, you/me might not have the final say but we do have the freedom to ask the questions, disagree if we have to & recommend a better solution if we can. If we are not doing this, then according to me we are not doing our job 100%. 

Once you start challenging others, it leads to new ideas, new questions & new answers. I have multiple examples where I challenged something I felt could be done in a better way. Once I did that, I was asked questions (I was challenged in return) & I came up with solutions that showed the improvement / transformation.


Digital Transformation is not a sprint but a marathon. It won't happen overnight but through multiple small steps. No one person can drive that in an organization but we together as a team can amplify it.