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Women of Analytics



12 - Quasar

I thought today to start a conversation in this group. I am a Data Analyst and working with Tableau and Alteryx Designer since last  few years. I switched my career from Biology background to Analytics. My brother is my inspiration who is Director of Analytics in renowned company.

I want to know more about group members of which I am a part since last year. 


Who inspired you to pursue career in Analytics?


Share your stories to inspire each other.


Hope to hear from all members of the group.


9 - Comet

Thank you @Alteryx_AR for starting this thread and hello to all the Women in Analytics! 

At my previous company, I was a business analyst brought on to automate reports done solely in Excel. I started by creating some basic macros when I heard of an internal training in automation. After raising my hand, I started training in Alteryx and fell in love with this tool - to the point that it was a personal requirement when I started looking for a new role. I am not inspired by a specific person, but am motivated by the run time in Alteryx. I absolutely love taking manual long broken processes in other tools and automating those sustainably in Alteryx. 


Interested to hear what or whom other are inspired by! 



6 - Meteoroid

Hi @Alteryx_AR.


I have a similar story to @Erin. I had just certified as a black belt in lean six sigma and was looking for my next role when there was an opening in analytics. I knew nothing of the field, nothing of Alteryx or Tableau. I was overwhelmed and inspired when I went to the conference in Nashville in 2019 and decided to study for certification (got it!). There were data sets I had used before that would have benefited. Now data strategy is a primary project for my work.


If you are passionate about Alteryx and analytics, I encourage you to check out the Alteryx Innovator program. I just joined this year and there are many Alteryx fans to connect with!

12 - Quasar

Thank you for replying back and sharing your journey with us. 

9 - Comet

Thanks @CT2019 ! I googled the Alteryx Innovator program and it looks really interesting. More here: https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Analytics/Introducing-the-Alteryx-Innovator-Program/ba-p/559214 

5 - Atom

Hello I am a Business Analyst due to my prior role I was a SME, however its not the same.  I use to look at single scenarios and do a deep dive.  Now I am looking at massive data scenarios.  While my role says Analyst, wow I didnt realize how behind I was until I met a awesome person who took the time to explain and show me how to look at it all.  I was intrigued, I started with learning excel, but recently came across alteryx.  I took a crack at it, no prior experience and was able to lump a few months of reporting and get what I needed. So now of course I want to learn how to do it all.  I learn something new on every lesson.  


Thank you for starting this thread. Its nice to see not everyone is an expert. 😁