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New Deaf Upskiller

14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar

Yikes, I am completely and totally MAC ignorant.  I haven't used a MAC ever, only Windows so unfortunately I am of zero help to you there!  Once you do get it up and running though, I can definitely help with Workflow questions!

7 - Meteor

Ahhh! Mac, Linux and PC need to form some kind of a permanent unity as one instead of three. Thanks so much. I'll bring it forward to the Mac expert! Thanks for your time:)

7 - Meteor

Hi Kyle,


I hope you can help me with question below. Thank yoU!


Unfortunately , I have been struggling for the last two days with installing the Alteryx on my MacBook Air. I'd like to post it on here for the first time before joining the community because it is, although should not be, embarrassing for me.


The Challenge:


1. Yes, I followed with the fact that Alteryx runs on Windows, and that there are two ways to install Alteryx on a Mac: The Boot Camp and VirtualBox and the likes. ( I've had VB in my laptop for 2 years).


2. I followed along with everything the page Chad redirected me to, and downloaded a Windows emulator, Crossover. Worked out fine.


3. I currently reside on university campus, so I clearly use my school's free WiFi instead of my own modem with better protection with SSH and Raspberry Pi. That's when I froze and explored other options.


4. I tried the Boot Camp. Turned out I was out of memory and cleaned up space and Tried again. Somehow, I accidentally deleted the Crossover;s massive fiolder and reinstalled it. VB was accepting Windows as a file. Then Boot Camp paused the set up and said it was compatible with newer version of Windows 10 (I was using Windows 2010 ) only. Then that didn't work. I took two screenshots for a better idea.



Thank you for your help!




5. Took me two days because this laptop had over 100 (more like 30) tabs opened and it took a while. 


Sure thing! 


I use both mac and windows daily and I have a solution for you. 


Download the trial of Parallels Desktop for Mac. It's like Bootcamp, but better. Rather than installing Windows on your machine, you remote into your own private Windows machine in the cloud. It's pretty awesome.


Once you've got that running, download the Designer trial and BAM, you should be off and running. 


I just tested this on my Mac and it works just fine. 


Let me know if you have any more questions!