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As new introductions are posted, we encourage everyone to get to know new members by replying to each users introduction topic. Feel free to say hello and wish them a warm welcome, ask follow-up questions, or point them to Community resources to help guide them on their journey with Alteryx.


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The purpose of the Introductions forum is to build connections with your Community peers and provide a space for you to get to know each other. If you have questions about the Alteryx Platform, please visit the appropriate Product discussion board.

5 - Atom

Hi community members,

I am Mithun Sarkar very new member in the community. I am from Bangladesh working in standard Chartered Bank. Would highly appreciate if anyone could guide me from where I can start learning to practice. I am highly interested to become a data scientist through alteryx. Thanks


Best regards


Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Hello and welcome to the Alteryx Community, @MithunSarkar07

We love to see your enthusiasm and we are happy to help along your journey! I will recommend starting by checking the Community Resources to get familiar with everything that we have in here, as well as the Learning Paths in our Academy, where you'll learn the fundamentals of working in Alteryx Designer.

If you have any questions, the best place to ask is in our Discussions boards. 

Enjoy your learning journey! 

Flávia Brancato
16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Welcome @MithunSarkar07 !   In addition to what @FláviaB mentioned, I highly recommend checking out the Weekly Challenges to practice what you learn!


5 - Atom

Thanks for your valuable suggestions and guidance

5 - Atom

Hello everybody! I am Brandon, currently working in an MNC in Singapore that required me to pick up Alteryx and I would like to praise the team for providing us with such robust learning materials. 

Managed to get my Alteryx Core Certificate only recently but excited to eventually get my Advanced certificate!



5 - Atom

Hi Team,


Trust you are doing well !!


My name is Nilesh Kumar. I have a total six years of experience as a Data Analyst. i want to enhance my skills in Alteryx.


Hope i will get all support from Alteryx team / community 







8 - Asteroid

Hi everyone! 


Glad to be a part of the community!

5 - Atom

Hi... I'm Kevin Chenoweth, an IT professional with over 15 years in ERP transformations and Digital Analytics.  I am facing issues creating a dashboard which shows all of the key metrics for a consumer financial company.  Which metrics are best suited for this?  Appreciate any help that you can provide.  

5 - Atom

Hi everybody! Excited to keep learning about Alteryx and its capabilities that will be applied in my Accounting career.