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Q3 2017 US Data Documentation


The US Data package includes analytics-ready data from TomTom, Experian, Dun & Bradstreet and the US Census as well as data-specific analysis tools to get the most from the packaged data. The documentation package includes –


  • Release notes, variable list and change log
  • Experian CAPE demographic data methodology document, Mosaic segment descriptions
  • Experian ConsumerView Analytical file – user guide and penetration report
  • Simmons overview
  • D&B Analytical file - data description, SIC lookup code, penetration report
  • Kalibrate Technologies traffic count overview and metadata
  • Spatial products include documentation on drive time methodology and Alteryx map layers 


Release Documentation download:


8 - Asteroid



Is there a newer version of the Experian USA Mosaic Reference Guide?  The one that's 319 pages.  The one in the documentation has a footnote identifying it as "Version 2 / 2013."  I imagine the mosaic definitions and %'s of the US pop have changed in the nearly 5 years since this version was published.




Hi @BPurcell, I have emailed you the updated version of that document and it will replace the current Mosaic Reference Guide in the upcoming Q4 2017 release. If you are looking for additional information on Mosaic, end users can access Experian’s Mosaic portal www.segmentationportal.com. A username and password is required and users can request one by emailing segmentationportal@experian.com. The portal and its contents are supported by Experian.