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Issue Alert – Incorrect D&B Business Summary data vintage reference in Q3 2017 reports



In the Q3 2017 US Data release there were six reports that incorrectly reference the D&B Business Summary Employees and Establishments vintage as “Q2 2017” instead of the correct vintage of “Q3 2017”. This issue is purely cosmetic in the report – the data is still from the Q3 2017 vintage. The reports can be found in the dataset, “Experian US 2017A (Q3 2017 Release)(v.8.6)”, within the Demographic Analysis tools in Alteryx.


Affected Reports:

  • Demographic Snapshot Comparison Report
  • Demographic Snapshot Index Comparison
  • Demographic Summary with Index
  • Demographic Trend Summary
  • Executive Demographic
  • Population Comparison Report


Action Required: Replace the incorrect report template files.

  • Close any open instances of Alteryx or Allocate
  • Download, unzip and extract Q3_2017_Fixed_Report_Templates.7z from the Community Article to the local Alteryx data install location.
    • You need to place these in the Reports folder – found under […]\Portfolio\ALTERYX_US_Experian_17A_17B\Reports. A typical install location is C:\Program Files (x86)\Alteryx\DataProducts\Portfolio\ALTERYX_US_Experian_17A_17B\Reports
  • Overwrite the existing templates with the updated templates


How to Validate: Generate a report using a corrected template.

  • Launch Alteryx
  • Drag out an Allocate Input tool
    • Select the dataset “Experian US 2017A (Q3 2017 Release)(v.8.6)”
    • Select any single geography
  • Drag out and connect an Allocate Report tool to the Allocate Input tool
    • Select the dataset “Experian US 2017A (Q3 2017 Release)(v.8.6)”
    • Select the “Executive Demographic” report
    • Click the Index button and select any State geography
    • Press run – the report should now reference “Q3 2017” – and not “Q2 2017” – for the Employee and Establishment fields

If you are an Allocate GUI user, the updated reports can be validated there.


If you have other concerns or need assistance with these instructions, please contact our Customer Support team at support@alteryx.com.