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International/Reverse Geocoders Update

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Question: Why is my geocoding workflow hanging? It used to run fine – but now it seems to be stuck indefinitely.



NOTE: This only impacts the International Geocoders (AU/NZ, BR, EU, UK/ROI) and the Reverse Geocoder. This change did NOT impact the US, CA, Street, or ZIP9 Geocoders.


Answer: The TomTom API format changed and the International and Reverse Geocoders were impacted by this.


Specifically, TomTom changed their 202 responses – this broke a macro built into the geocoder tools that allows Alteryx to handle 202 responses and check back in with TomTom’s servers to see if the data is ready yet. This error only occurs during peak usage.


A secondary symptom is that Geocoding results (typically in batches of 100) could be dropped after the Geocoder hit its iteration limit – this would be especially prevalent on scheduled runs.


Question: How do I fix this?


Answer: There are two options.

  • The corrected Geocoders have been uploaded to, FTP, and AWS – so you can redownload the data packages and reinstall the International and Reverse Geocoders.
  • The second option is to work with our support team and replace specifically the broken macros in the geocoder install location.