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Is AAH really Server Next?

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Is AAH meant to replace Server going forward or am I misunderstanding the discussions so far?

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10 - Fireball

This is rough, but having gone through a very frustrating implementation of AAH where we had to wipe our VM twice to get a "stable" installation I'm okay with this. I'd rather suck up the tedium of migrating to Server now rather than moving a ton of jobs and workflows later. It's the best decision. Server is rock solid. Now, Alteryx needs to focus on making Server uber awesome. 

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If this was being contemplated over the last few months, there should have been transparency with customers that went down the journey. I would be curious if the decison was not a technical one but just based on volume of customers with the 'legacy' server.


I have a call today with the Alteryx team and will try to understand how Alteryx will help rectify the investments (time, resources) made by AAH customers by swapping with the Server product. 


Should we be making further decisons in a vacumn or will there be a brieing on your cloud stragegy as part of this engagement?



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As an organization that purchased AAH a little over 3 months ago and are still in the process of implementation, this sudden change has brought some worry to our Executive Team as they are now wondering if it would be best if we just look for different solution provider. While it is great that you are offering to charge us the AAH pricing for the remainder of our contract, I have asked my rep what the cost would be after that and she was not able to provide an answer. Being a small organization, a large shift in cost would be a big deal and we do not want to go down this path if our cost is going to skyrocket once the AAH contract expires. While I understand that your decision was one that you didn't take lightly, putting our trust in your company and purchasing AAH was one that we didn't take lightly either. Now I worry that it was a decision that we didn't make correctly.


Hi maxd,


The decision was multi-faceted and did include a combination of customer adoption and being thoughtful about the best options for our go forward technology foundation.  


Hopefully, you will get the information that you need from the meeting with your account team.  My product team is always available for a more in-depth discussion about our roadmap and our key investment areas if your organization needs it.  Ask your account team and they can coordinate.





Jay Henderson
Vice President of Product Management