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Chained Analytic Apps in Alteryx Hub

7 - Meteor



In our old Server instance of Alteryx we have a Chained Analytic App that chains three workflows. I am currently working on moving all our workflows to Alteryx Analytic Hub and facing the issue that Running chained apps is not supported by the Analytics Hub. 


The three workflows are connected as following,

  • The first workflow reads files from an FTP location and stores them into a local folder that Analytics Hub can access.
  • The second workflow starts by importing several macros, where the macros reads the files stored from the first workflow. Hence no output from the first workflow but the order between the first and second workflow is important. 
  • The third workflow is similar to the second one in the way that it starts with macros that read the files stored in the first workflow. The macros in the second and third workflow are completely separate. Hence the order between the first and the third workflow is important. 


I tried using the Runner and Conditional Runner macros and received the message in the Hub that the first workflow ran successfully but the second one ran with errors. Is there a way to show these errors? I tried running only the second macro from the Hub but that was not supported and when running it from Designer, it finishes without errors.


If not using the Runner and Conditional Runner macros, what is the best way to save these chained workflows to Analytics Hub and make sure that the user can run all three of them in correct order with just one click on the 'Run' button?

5 - Atom

While I can't help with this answer, it appears that Alteryx will no longer be selling AAH and only doing Server. I would recommend you talk to your Alteryx rep prior to spending any more time on AAH.