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Alteryx home edition?

8 - Asteroid

I would loooove to see a version of Alteryx made available at a significantly lower price point for individual home use. The toolset could be skinnied down, workflows throttled to some limit of records, limited memory allocation to make it run slower, something to keep it as a lower tier product than the business edition, but it would be ideal for 1) personal projects 2) learning/exploring 3) taking certification exams


It seems like a potential big win for Alteryx. The people who would buy the home edition are likely already familiar with the product from using it at work, and then also want to purchase their own home version. So you've essentially sold them the product twice.


Is this something Alteryx would ever consider?

12 - Quasar

There's an idea entered for this that was 'accepted'. Doesn't seem to be any recent updates to it though.