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I need two power point presentations. Maybe you can help?

15 - Aurora


I need two presentations. Probably someone can direct me where I can find examples like that.

Anyone have a one-pager presentation that will answer a question about what Alteryx is?


The target audience of the presentation is management.


The second presentation that I am interested in showing the Alteryx in comparison to other tools. Alteryx vs Excel, Alteryx vs Power BI, Alteryx vs Tableau etc.


This one should just at a high level provide for individuals interested in using a tool. Still, they require some high-level information to understand when to use Alteryx and its advantages compared to other solutions.


I will appreciate your help with this.


Hello @Emil_Kos 
I would recommend you reach out to your Alteryx account rep for assistance with this. They may have some resources they can share with you.
If you do not know your account rep, you can email for assistance.

Community Moderator
15 - Aurora

Hi @TrevorS,


Thank you for your suggestions!


There are probably pdf's material available already, and we don't need to create something new. 


I just wanted to utilise presentations that are already available but I am grateful for your suggestion!