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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

The Alteryx Excellence Awards recognize and celebrate outstanding Alteryx use cases and the people behind them. This year, we received many exceptional submissions, and we are thankful to everyone who dedicated their time to share their story.


This year’s impactful submissions set a high bar and made for tough competition. Our judging panel had the difficult task of selecting the best submission for each of the five categories. We are thrilled to announce that the winners of the 2020 Excellence Awards are:


Winners Excellence Award Winners-Social-1200x628px.png


Category: Accelerator - Best Scalability/Integration


  • Aldi Stores

Aldi sought to rapidly test a new Click & Collect service, otherwise known as curbside pickup. However, the new platform was not integrated with any Aldi systems, and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the project timeline was cut to only 12 weeks. Alteryx workflows allowed for the production and formatting of accurate data, enabling the timely launch of the Click & Collect service. The successful deployment of Click & Collect has empowered Aldi customers to switch to shopping online during to the pandemic, whilst also attracting new customers to the brand. Thanks to Alteryx, Aldi’s customers can now order and collect their shopping without having to set foot in store.


Category: Explorer - Best Insights


  • Dave Elliott, Global Solutions and Data Innovation Manager, Mayborn Group @Delliott 

Leveraging the power of Alteryx Designer and Server, Dave and his team managed to quickly provide insights from hundreds of thousands of weekly new rows of Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) data. The Global Data Innovation team combined all data sources into a single global view as part of a wider Digital Transformation and Data program. With the goal of providing self-service analytics of both retailer EPOS and global market analysis data in one place, the team increased visibility and access across the entire organization.

Collaborators: Chris Davidson and Mark Little


 Category: Globetrotter - Best Spatial Analysis


  • Cory Hubbard, VP of Strategic Analytics, Greg Welteroth Advertising @Hub119 

Using Alteryx, Greg Welteroth Advertising achieved a geospatial analysis that once seemed unattainable. Their solution saved decades of work and empowered an army of citizen data analysts. They built their geospatial analysis to evaluate localized historical sales data to determine target customer segments and their buy propensity, gauge local market opportunity for like customers and proximity to retailers, and observe purchase pattern seasonality across multiple product lines within each local trade area. The company can now measure its impact at the local level and evaluate buys across groups at scale all at once, leading to existing budget expansion and garnering new market and client opportunities.


 Category: Performer - Best Impact


  • Carlos Augusto Vendramini, Business Analyst, Gradus @VendraminiCA 

Gradus’s client needed to estimate the ideal size of the operational workforce of their mid-sized whole foods supermarket chain, reducing cost while maintaining the outstanding service for which this chain is known. Using Alteryx Designer and Server, Gradus not only determined the correct allocation of staff for each shift, but also harvested a financial gain of about USD $1.5 million/year with this solution. There were other benefits as well, such as a faster implementation of shift changes, brand activations, and store promotions - all of which can be easily simulated on an Alteryx workflow, enabling the client to quickly test hypotheses and implement on a larger scale those that are deemed impactful.


Category: Groundbreaker - Best Predictive/Advanced Analysis 


  • Jacob Kahn, Consultant, A Global Accounting Firm @jacob_kahn 

In the tax world, accountants deal with PDFs on a daily basis. As common as it is to manually enter information from PDFs into Excel workbooks, it is a daunting task that many at this Global Accounting Firm were relieved to be spared from thanks to the Alteryx Intelligence Suite. Jacob leverages the Intelligence Suite Text Mining tool palette to save time extracting data from federal tax returns that only exist via PDF file sharing. He also eliminated human error in data entry. Now, he simply maps the Excel output from the workflow to other, third-party applications, saving time and accountant sanity.