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The Expert Exam is now live online! Read about the specifics and what it took to bring it to life in the blog by our very own Elizabeth Bonnell!

No matter where you are in the analytics journey, our goal is to make your experience simplified, smarter, and seamless. During our Inspire conference in Nashville this past June, we collected an immense amount of feedback from thousands of analysts, data scientists and data driven decision makers about making the analytics experience better in current and future products. We scoured over product ideas on Community and insights from Inspire to bring over 25 features, all requested by none other than — you guessed it — YOU, to reality. Experience features that make you more efficient and designed to amplify your efforts to reach analytics potential you never imagined possible.

We strive to help you get to insights faster and making every minute you spend on analytics more efficient. Getting to that next insight is only a few clicks away...

Apply tools directly from the interactive results grid

We received incredible feedback when we transformed the static results grid into an interactive data exploration playground in 2019.2, allowing you to search, sort, and filter without having to drop a tool. However, you asked to APPLY the tools to keep your sort and filter settings and get to your insights faster. You asked. We delivered. Explore your data faster and easier. 

Interactive Results Grid ApplyInteractive Results Grid Apply

Convert output data to input data 
We know that data and analytics never stops and now you can go directly from the end of one analysis to the start of another. Simply right click on the Output Tool to convert it to an Input Tool and start answering your next question in milliseconds. 

Duplicate a WorkflowDuplicate a Workflow


Duplicate your workflows 

Want to reuse a mile-long workflow but find it hard to copy and paste it into a new tab? Now you can simply right click on the workflow tab to copy, tweak, and re-use. We appreciate your ideas on maximizing every second spent in Alteryx Designer.


Server time zone support 
Specify your time zone and feel more in sync with your global team. Run reports, apps, and workflows with the added ability to ensure status reports hit UK inboxes before 9 a.m. local time.


We’ve made some design updates to make your experience seamless as well as help you design better analytics.

One platform. One experience.

From data discovery to analysis to model deployment to sharing actionable insights with your team, the look and feel is consistent and intuitive to navigate. 

One Platform One ExperienceOne Platform One ExperienceSee model code and components
Model organization and debugging made easy. With more exposed code and information behind models displayed, we’re giving you that extra layer of transparency.

È italiano
Design your analytics in the language that is the most comfortable for you as we add Italian to our list of native languages. Say Ciao at Inspire Europe, October 14-17 and provide feedback about your Italian analytics experience. Simply install Designer and select the Italian beta version.


Add a new dimension to your interactive charts, literally. Add Secondary Y-AxisAdd Secondary Y-Axis
Effectively communicating answers can be tough when you want to show two different, yet related, types of data. We’ve received many requests to add more flexibility to charts so you can drive your point home. Now, you can easily add a second y-axis in your interactive chart to tell your data’s story the way it was meant to be told.

Advanced analytics in any language
Our code-free predictive suite can now process data that includes multi-byte characters so you can ask questions about what could happen in the future in many languages, including Japanese, Simplified & Traditional Chinese, Korean, Hebrew, and Arabic.

Tighter Windows integration
Monitor the progress of your running Workflow throughout it’s entire execution with familiar visual cues on your Windows Taskbar so you can work in other programs and know when you’re ready to start analyzing again. Furthermore, enjoy the compatibility between Windows and Alteryx as you drag and drop folders from Windows Explorer onto your canvas to create a Directory Input tool to start your data journey faster.

For existing customers, you can experience 2019.3 for yourself by upgrading to our latest release. If you’d like additional detail on these great features, check out updated technical documentation. We also welcome YOU to be part of the next release by joining our beta program, attending our Inspire Europe conference and submitting your brilliant ideas right here on Community.

For those of you who are new to Alteryx and are still exploring the platform, we’d love for you to take our latest build for a test drive. You can download our free Alteryx Designer trial to start kicking the tires and see for yourself why hundreds of thousands of data scientists, analysts, and quants across the globe choose Alteryx.