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Connecting to Server's MongoDB


Hi @KJennings,


It's possible Lucene isn't one I typically use or found useful.


For workflows, you can find that under AtleryxService db and As_applications to get the modules names and users who ran them and when

Pulling from Atleryx Service.png


For what workflow is loaded in the Gallery, I would us appInfos in the AlteryxGallery db give you information on what workflows have been uploaded


Pulling from Atleryx Gallery.png


Alteryx has a Gallery report tool which was on their download page, but I can't find it anymore, but I used that as one of my starting points and modified it for my own needs


Just to round off the information. The 3rd DB that you're talking about is AlteryxGallery_Lucene, however you shouldn't need to get anything from that.


Some more info can be found among the User Managed info here


Hi @levell_x_dunn, @KaneG


Thank you for that information, it is exactly what I was trying to locate.




Alteryx Partner

Does anyone know where the actual worklflows/apps are stored? I've been snooping around with the MongoDB input, but can't seem to find a way to get my hands on the actual files. I assume they have been stored as blobs and I've converted some  of __ServiceData fields that seem to have some data in it, but it looks like it's just metadata and not the actual workflow.

Hi All,


I am in midst of creating an orchestrator of sorts and would like to use the MongoDB as a way to identify if workflow was added to queue or complete.


Use-case aside, the "AS_QUEUE" table shows null for the workflow name that I am running ("appName"). This I assume because it is not an app and I am running it from it's disk location. My question is if there is a way I can get that workflow path/name and join it to the queue/results tables? I have been able to find the workflow path/name in "AS_Applications", but have not found a successful way to join that back to queue/results collections.


Any insight here?





Hi there, 


Another VM user over here. 


I can connect to the VM using telnet. The password and username work fine when connecting to the MongoDB on the server using localhost.


But, If I enter a database name (AlteryxService, AlteryxGallery, etc.), I don't get anything in the Collection drop down. Any ideas what might be happening?mongo.PNG