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Connecting to Server's MongoDB


We have apps that use the MongoDB Input tool to read our Alteryx Mongo files. It works great on the server and in apps on the gallery. My only question is there a simple way to modify the tool so that the workflow would also work on my local machine? Obviously the localhost would have to change to something else, but my basic attempts at putting in the server name or IP address did not immediately work.



For it to work remotely, you would need to update where it says 'localhost' to the IP or hostname of the server.  See the yellow area below.mongo1.JPG
Ir the IP/Hostname is correct, perhaps it is failing because port 27018 is being blocked by a firewall?  You can test to see if the port is open from a command prompt using the telnet command (assuming its installed).  If the port is blocked or the service isn't available, you will get a response saying could not open connection to the host on port xxx.
If you connect to it successfully you will get a blinking cursor that will eventually drop you back at the command prompt like this: mongo2.JPG
Is your port being blocked?
Customer Support Engineer

My telnet command indeed fails on that port. I will do some further digging.


As long as you know the server IP address, which you can get from the server directly then the mongo connection should work as normal


Mongo Connection.jpg




The Mongo DB Input tool is not able to connect to the Mongo DB instance in a remote VM.


I have given the Server IP address and Port in the Server connection string and the username/password with a Database Name.


The collection drop down is not populated with the collections and not connection established.


I am able to connect to the same Mongo DB instance using the Compass remotely.


Please share your suggestions.




In case the Alteryx as well the MongoDB are installed in VM, you won't get the DataBase names in the drop-down option, rather you have to enter that manually. once you enter that you click on the canvas and then again click on the MongoDB tool to get that collection being populated automatically.


Is replica set supported?


We have a 3 member replica set (1 primary plus 2 secondary).

After typed in the db name, the "collection" drop down is still not working for us.


We are using Alteryx hosted on VMs as well, and our list of databases does not populate.  Is there documentation on what databases are available within the MongoDB?


Hi @KJennings,


There are three that I primarily know


AlteryxService, AlteryxGallery, AlteryxLucene,


I primarily pull from AlteryxService and AlteryxGallery to create my reports for all of the jobs, schedules and Users of the gallery and servers.


Hi @levell_x_dunn.  Thanks for the response.


I took a look at the db's you identified, and I wonder if the AlteryxLucene may be a site-specific DB for you, as it fails to connect for me when I try to access it via the MongoDB Input tool?


I examined the other two db's and do not see where workflow info may be recorded. Do you happen to include those in your reporting?