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Chained apps- Use an output (.xydb) of one app for the other as input

8 - Asteroid

Hi there,


I have two chained apps and the first one outputs a database as yxdb and I need to use this output as an input to the 2nd app. Currently on running apps, the second app does not find the output of the 1st app.


On server I get file not found error and on designer (local) I always need to save the output of 1st app then use this output as an input to the 2nd app but however this cannot be achieved in server.


Anyone has an idea on how to do this?

15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

For this one, what you want to do is when you're sending App 1 to the Gallery, make sure to also send that YXDB that it produces (to be used in App 2) up along with it, as an asset.


For example, app 1 produces C:\users\mbarone\deskeop\App1.yxdb.

And app 2 uses C:\users\mbarone\deskeop\App1.yxdb.


When sending app1 to the Gallery, you would check C:\users\mbarone\deskeop\App1.yxdb as an asset to send with it, along with app 2.


That will make is so any user that runs app 1 will have their very own App1.yxdb created for them in their own little temp space just for that run. And when app 2 is engaged, it will automatically pick up that App1.yxdb that was just created in that temp space.  And again, it will do this for each user, for each run, so nothing will run into each other.