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Alteryx Real Time Email

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I would like to be able to use Alteryx to run a real time push of data from a capture form to an email platform. The idea is that when someone submits the form they will be sent a confirmation email shortly after – as quickly as possible.


We need to use Alteryx in the middle of the process as a means of validating the data entry prior to pushing into the email tool.


What we want is for Alteryx to start its process as soon as the form is submitted, rather than run on a batch style pick up of submissions every 5 minutes etc


Is this possible?


@AndrewCrayford You could achieve near real time processing utilizing the Gallery API. It would work something like this. User interacts with a form on a web application providing specified data. Submitting the form the web app would pass the user input as json to the Gallery API using a post request to the /v1/workflows/{appId}/jobs/ end point in order to queue the gallery app. The server would run the job using the json information provided. This job would run the json data provided through the app in order to validate and process the information the user provided. As part of this process the app could send an email response. Developing the web application to interact with the Gallery API, and the Gallery app to process the json data would be up to you and/or your development teams.


For more information I would recommend reviewing the Gallery API documentation. This documentation is interactive and available on your local Alteryx Server at an address similar to the following:


{GalleryBaseURL}/api-docs (i.e. http://yourserversname.domain.tld/gallery/api-docs)


The documentation is also available on our public Gallery at:

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Thanks for that information

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Under where it says create your Own API Client, it says about the oauth_signature and I was wondering how do I get that?


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There are examples in C# and JavaScript on your company's Alteryx Server/Gallery, or you can get them from Alteryx's Gallery:


Take a look and play with them to get a sense if how they work and what's required to get the authorization going.


I used the API calls in a web app, internal to our organization, a few years ago.  I was using C# in Microsoft's IIS.  If I have time later today/tonight I'll dredge up some code examples, oif you need.






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@David-Carnes  - Any code examples would be great. Not really used c# or java script before, I not 100% sure what I am looking for in these code.

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@AndrewCrayford there are some coding examples here:

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Co - Founder :