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Chained apps and Access denied error


OK Alteryx gurus, this one's got me flummoxed.


I can create a two apps and chain them, test1.yxwz and test2.yxwz.  The former writes data to %temp%..\test1_output.yxdb and the latter reads from it.


When I publish to my Private Studio in our Gallery, it runs fine and if I share it to the Public Gallery a coworker can run it.


When the same coworker publishes the same thing to her Private Studio it fails at file output time:
Error creating file "filepath_was_here_but_I_removed_it\test1_output.yxdb ":Access is denied.


I am in the Administrators group on the server and she is not.  I am a Curator of the Gallery and she is an Artisan.


Thank you for your time.







Hi @David-Carnes,


Do you have a Run As or Service Account configured on your Alteryx Server? See this article explaining Workflow Credentials on Gallery:


If the workflow is running as your Colleague's user account then her account will need Write permissions to the directory the workflow is writing to. See this article: 



Tyler Nguyen
Premium Support Advisor
Alteryx, Inc.