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Triggering a chain of workflows to run once an email is received

8 - Asteroid

We can an email to our support box everyday when our EDL data is up to date (usually around 9 am), however sometimes it is earlier like 8 am and sometimes it doesn't run til noon. 


This poses a problem as our jobs need to wait until this data is current to run each day. Right now, we have a static time that all the jobs start kicking off to accommodate the more comment 9 am run. 


I am able to us MS Flow to create a file in Alteryx Server when the email arrives. Is there way to do a check if that file time stamped for today and then execute a bunch of other workflows to run? 


I know I can use the Crew Macros to string all of the workflows together or to it with the Command/Runtime procedure. Trying to figure out how to include the file check that would trigger it all to either run or not run. and possibly keep looking every 30 min from like 8 am until 12 pm (and then have it stop checking once it runs that day - another check that would be necessary if i build this out). 


Thanks for the guidance. 


Hello @aehrenwo.


Have you looked into the Gallery REST API? You can use it to kick off workflows from an external source. This may help get your timing down.

Stephen Ruhl
Customer Support Engineer