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Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

With the release of 2019.4 yesterday, we wanted to let you know just how much of an impact you had on us.


In 2019.4, we implemented 29 of your ideas!



That's mind blowing! And we hope to keep this trend going!


So, from all of us, thank you for helping us Amplify Alteryx! Your ideas are important to us as we continue to grow and evolve our products.


In particular, we wanted to make sure we provided a shout out to all the contributors to this release.


These Great Ideas...

... Are Thanks To

Read Tableau Extract Files @jeremy_dalletezze 
Kill the banner ads on internal galleries @ecastruita 
Block creation of new collections @VizChic 
Establish lineage/relationship between SAP HANA and Tableau (reports) @Michal 
Action Tool Settings Selection Need to be More Obvious @Treyson 
Highlight the parenthesis that matches the one next to your cursor. @MichaelMains 
Disable the ability to open the same workflow more than once @wale_ilori 
Enhance the Find Tool by displaying annotations for tools and the caption for containers @ChrisTX 
Guys Please, Color Coding in the SQL Qry Editing Window - we need this @Brad1 
Action Tool should only show applicable option when updating Filter Tool @mbarone 
Open Macro - just change focus if already open


Snap to Grid seems off


Text Input Tool - Paste Multiple Cells


'Delete and connect around' as a default option @Ruud 
Find field by name within data with large number of columns


Tool Container Margin Fix


Add a button to text input to turn first row into headings


Test data on batch macros


Option to not sort Excel Sheet names


Tool Containers don't play nice with the canvas grid


Select ALL Left/Right within the Join Tool


Allow users to edit workflows while "Find Tool" window is open


Cut and Connect Around/Paste Into Flow/Drag and Drop Overwrite


Paste Before / After


Batch Macro Testing - Update "Test View" Interface Designer


Hotkeys for Delete and Connect Around


Multi-Field Formula Field Selection


Copy and Paste Data Directly Into Canvas


SQL syntax highlighting and formatting in SQL Editor



Be sure to also check out our See What all the Hype's About in 2019.4 on new hyper files in Alteryx and “Unhandled Exception occurred” when copy/paste text using R Tool; also fixed in 2019.4!



And finally...


Seriously though, please keep the ideas coming! We look forward to continuing to add your ideas into the product, so if you have an idea we want to hear it!