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Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team


Happy 2020, Alteryx Community!


With the start of a new decade we wanted to make sure we also started our year off with a real bang. And what better way then implementing customer driven ideas into the product our latest version release, version 2020.1 which dropped today


In 2020.1, we implemented 29 of your ideas!

Making up a total of 258 likes!


That's a lot of likes! Almost as many likes as @SeanAdams on the Designer Ideas Board alone, not that we're comparing...




























In all seriousness though, that's huge, and we're excited to keep at it!


It's important to us to highlight all the awesome users who submitted these ideas, so a special shout out to all the fantastic contributors of this release!


These Great Ideas...

... Are Thanks To

Output to Excel Named Range without destroying the Excel formatting @jay_hl 
Input Tool (2018.1) Excel Range Feature Removed @MarqueeCrew 
Output Option for Excel: Overwrite Data but not the Formatting @wdrumm 
Change to Cache and Run workflow: Allow multiple caches @MThomasTBP 
Let cache utilize upstream cache @patrick_digan 
F2 Should Open Configuration / Pencil Palette and Focus On Annotation @brianscott 
Annotation Edit @ephij 
Quick Way to Annotate a Tool @khaiwong 
Tooltips Needs to Stick Around @Treyson 
Convert relative files paths to absolute file paths in Debug Mode @Dynamomo 
Cache option doesn't function when 'Disable All Tools that Write Output' option selected @klonergan 
Make INTERFACE tools use ANNOTATION like all other tools @MarqueeCrew 
Is this a BUG? @MarqueeCrew 
Revert Annotation Behavior to pre-2019.3 @justindavis 
Loss of functionality when opening Excel files @cmcclellan 
Shift Scroll in Results Window @TomMolitor1 
Improve 'Find Tool' with disabled containers


Stop a completed workflow in a different tab from stealing window focus @Ruud 
remove character limit from pre/post SQL statements in input tool @RyanNewsome 
"Group" insert after option @mbarone 
Comment Tool -- Align using ctrl & shift & +/- @tom_montpool 
Language Toggle Option @r4upadhye 
Group Analytic Workflows @jmelik 
Open button for Tableau data source in Connect @JanLaznicka 
Remove Table size section from technical metadata from databases @Michal 
The application (Connect) could be accessible while H2 DB backup is being done @Kudrnac 
Create loader for PowerBI Report Server @jmelik 
AlteryxGallery user settings @Sho1215 
Mongo Database Dictionary @jmac 


We couldn't have gotten this many ideas in without all the hard work our development team puts in every quarter and without you, our fantastic users! All these ideas originated from one of our four product boards and we truly wanted to highlight just how important these ideas and our users are to the process and making us better.


So from all of Alteryx, thank you for Amplying Alteryx!