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I’ve kept you waiting until the last day of February, but the Top Contributors blog of January 2022 is FINALLY here! If the stats below are any indication, this year is going to be huge for the Alteryx Community. We are just beginning this year and I’m so excited to see what’s to come in the rest of 2022!



@atcodedog05 – 184 Solutions Authored -  Re: Regex to extract .yxmd filenames

@binuacs – 30 Solutions Authored - Re: Removing Special or Replacement Character

@Qiu  – 23 Solutions Authored - Re: Categorise date by week



@Jie_DvW – 40 threads started

@lizhaozhi – 18 threads started

@SH_94 – 17 threads started



@atcodedog05 – 731 replies - Re: Regex to extract .yxmd filenames

@Watermark  – 215 replies - Re: Transforming Data from a single colum

@Qiu – 163 replies - Re: Categorise date by week



@atcodedog05 – 489 likes - Re: Regex to extract .yxmd filenames

@Qiu – 175 likes - Re: Categorise date by week

@binuacs – 142 likes - Re: Multiple Conditions Filter


The top liked post this month was Using Alteryx's Computer Vision Tools to Create Better Classroom Materials. The top like solution this month was Re: Selecting Middle Name with Formula tool.


The most engaged user group this month was St. Louis, MO!


That’s all for the first Top Contributors blog of the year! See you again in a few weeks for the top contributors of February!