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Have you submitted your entry for the 2022 Alteryx Excellence Awards yet? Don’t delay – submissions for the Americas awards are open until March 8 and July 31 for the EMEA and APJ regions.


Showcase your story, get industry recognition, strengthen your connections and expand your network! Click here to submit now.


Are you keen to submit but not sure where your story fits? There are five separate categories, each recognizing different elements of success...


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Here are some more details:


Integrator- best democratization of data 

You helped your organization implement a whole new business model, helping to upskill more people on how to use data to achieve amazing results.  


Pioneer– best advanced analytics 

Using AI, ML, and other advanced strategies doesn’t have to solely be the domain of data scientists. Whether you have a code-free or code-friendly workflow, your innovative analysis allows you to peek into the future and answer complex questions. 


Performer - best quantifiable results 

Whether you saved 7,736 hours or $10 million, your impact is remarkable!  

Looking for inspiration? Consider these areas of impact:  

  • Top-line growth: An increase in revenue or sales. 
  • Bottom-line return: An increase in net profit or a decrease in costs. 
  • Efficiency gains: Saving time through automation, an elimination of time-consuming manual activities, or streamlining processes.  
  • Risk reduction: Reducing business risk as a result of a process you built, such as legal or financial.  
  • Customer experience: Improved customer experience through analytics that enable agility, precision, timeliness or personalization.  

Impactor – best example of using data for good 

You have taken your skills into the community and are impacting people’s lives. 


Disruptor – best business reinvention 

You have affected transformational change across your entire business by letting data lead the way. 


Here’s some more good news- you can nominate your story for more than one category if you wish!


Entering could not be easier: simply click here, pick a category, then explain in your own words what your analytical challenge was, how you solved it, and the impact of your solution. 


If you need help or have a question - add it in the comments box 👇 and tag me @StephMills - and I will be sure to answer!


Best of luck!!!!