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Alter Everything Podcast

A podcast about data science and analytics culture.
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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

We're joined by Steve Ahlgren and Neil Ryan for a deep dive on software engineering in the analytics industry.









  • Strategies for tackling those bigger strategies
    • Test first (related to TDD)



  • Working with Ned Harding, CTO
    • Pragmatism trumps everything
    • "Simple is hard", "it's either easy or it's impossible"
    • Do you know what Designer tool Ned wrote in Solutions Center at an Inspire conference? Tweet at us with #AlterEverything if you know the answer. First correct answer gets community swag!


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This episode of Alter Everything was produced by Maddie Johannsen (@MaddieJ).


@BrianO @SteveA @NeilR These podcasts keep getting better and better! I really liked the 2 quotes ("Simple is hard", "it's either easy or it's impossible").