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7 - Meteor

Hi Community!

I'm Marconi. I am an Instructor of Big Data Project Management at Data Science Academy, an education provider with more than 120 k students. I'm based in Brazil, but I am available to work in other countries. I would love to have an abroad cultural experience.

I have experienced since 2000 in IT project management (industries: petrochemical, mining, energy, steel, automotive, construction and refractory).
PMP since 2003. Book’s author at Elsevier and technical revisor at Alta Books. Speaker at ABGP-IPMA and PMI Global Congress. Participation in the development of PMI standards: OPM3 and Portfolio. Translator of Risk Doctor Briefings. Awarded as MVP in Microsoft Project from 2009 to 2011.


I am a professional in a learning mode of Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Statistics, Python and R Language.


I look forward to learning and sharing knowledge in this precious Community!