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Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
At Alteryx, community is a team effort. At any given time there are a number of individuals and teams working to ensure that everyone has a great experience. Below are just a few of the more visible individuals that you may encounter.

Feel free to drop them a line with any comments, questions, or ideas you may have. They're always happy to help!


Community Content Engineer
Criston has a degree in Mathematics Badassery, and a background in non-profit work, since she loves using her powers for good instead of evil. She has been using Alteryx for seven years and truly enjoys helping other users be successful with the software. She loves answering your predictive questions.
Manager, Community Operations
As Manager of Community Operations, Dan uses his prior experience in Alteryx Support as well as his creative abilities to assist members and create a unique Community experience.

Community Manager, Portuguese & Spanish
Flávia is thrilled to join the community team overseeing the Portuguese and Spanish speakers as the Community Manager for Brazil and LATAM. Combining her large experience in editorial and social communications, to social media management and a friendly approach to every challenge, she believes that creating and maintaining health and strong relationships is the key for success!
Sr. Director, Community
Jeff is our Director of Community Operations, leading the efforts surrounding development and operations on Alteryx Community. He joined Alteryx at the end of 2018, coming with a lengthy background in delivering, managing, and supporting online communities.

Program Manager, Community
As one of the Community Specialists, Kylie spending the majority of her days in the Idea Board for the Alteryx Products, making sure each board is in tip-top shape. She's been with Alteryx since 2018, and is excited to help Community and the Alteryx products grow!
Sr. Manager, Community Management & Programs
As the Manager of Global Community Engagement, Leah brings awesome energy and experience to help us nurture and scale our vibrant global community. In addition to helping oversee day-to-day operations, Leah is focused on building and growing engagement programs that enable our members to make the most of the Alteryx product suite.

Podcast Programs Manager
Working out of sunny Irvine, California as our Community Operations Specialist, Maddie manages the Alter Everything Podcast. She is skilled and experienced at connecting people, and looks forward to helping grow the Alteryx Community. Tweet or DM her to say hey, and learn more about how you can get involved with our Podcast!
Senior Data Science Journalist
Susan focuses on creating data science content as part of our Community Content team. She writes blog posts, hosts the Data Science Mixer podcast, and contributes to other writing and data projects. Her background in research, journalism and teaching helps her create lively, informative content to help Alteryx users build their skills and have fun doing data science with Alteryx.

Community Data Engineer
As the team's Data Engineer, Matt oversees the Alteryx Community’s data footprint, integrations, and downstream analytics and visuals. Matt previously found his passion of cultivating community and support for Alteryx users as a Support Engineer, before joining the team in 2016 as a Content Engineer.
Community Data Analyst
As the team's Data Analyst, Max is the subject matter expert for all things related to Community data. Max has been at Alteryx since 2019 and is excited to use the Alteryx platform to provide data-driven insights for the team.

Sr Program Manager, Community Content
Neil Ryan is the Sr Program Manager, Community Content, responsible for the content in the Alteryx Community. He held previous roles at Alteryx including Advanced Analytics Product Manager and Content Engineer, and had prior gigs doing fraud detection analytics consulting and creating actuarial pricing models. Neil's industry experience and technical skills are wide ranging and well suited to drive compelling content tailored for Community members to rank up in their careers.
Community Lead Developer
As the Community's Lead Developer, Sachin is responsible for designing and implementing community customizations. He joined Alteryx in July of 2019 and brings a lot of experience around integration, solutioning and development to the team.

Community Developer
As Community Developer, Kirk provides various software customizations including feature enhancements, integrations and bug fixes for the Alteryx Community. He brings a technical background to the team that includes both hardware and software engineering experience in a variety of industries.
Community Manager, French & German
As Community Manager, Steph is entirely dedicated to connecting passionate users and looks forward to helping grow the Alteryx user base in region. As an ambassador for French and German communities, she is responsible for implementing strategies, managing day-to-day operations, content management, and executing various engagement programs. Contact her anytime, anywhere! Merci! Danke!

Community Recognition Programs Manager
With almost eight years of community management experience in SaaS-based software, Shannon has seen it all and still loves her job. You’ll often find her smiling and geeking out about community management. During non-working hours, you’ll find Shannon planning her next big adventure, trying new foods, and hanging out with her partner and their sweet pup, Hermione.
Community Specialist
As a Community Specialist, Trevor spends his days helping make sure the Alteryx Community runs smoothly!

Sr. Manager, Community Operations & Development
As Senior Program Manager of the Community Platform, Trey Waddell manages the strategy, delivery, and maintenance of technical projects that help our community to continually be the best in class.
Community Engagement Manager
Will uses his skills gained from working as a strategic consultant on multiple communities to make the Alteryx Community a fun and engaging place for everyone. Through his history of building relationships with members, he ensures that the community is the place to be for those that want to expand their skill set and grow their abilities.



Certification Program Manager
Elizabeth believes in the power of questions to drive learning, so she spends her days dreaming up exam questions and creating ways to help Alteryx users prove and improve their skills through certification.
French Instructional Designer
As an Instructional Designer, Marie-Claire is responsible for developing training in French. She has previously worked as a Digital Producer and a UX Designer. Learning is the key word for MC. Welcome to our French Community Page!

Spanish Instructional Designer
Omaira is responsible for Alteryx Academy in the Spanish language community. She comes to Alteryx with a background teaching Spanish to children, college students, politicians and Hollywood executives. Omaira is a true global traveler, spending years in Caracas (where she was born and raised), Nairobi and Mexico City.
Instructional Designer
Saori is the Instructional Designer responsible for localizing content in the Alteryx Community into Japanese. She was a Localization QA for 8 years and Localization Project Manager for 5 years prior to becoming Instructional Designer and joining Alteryx. Saori has always believed in the power of data driven decision-making, and has seen it in action in her own work and in customers around the world. Saori is pleased to introduce enablement to help cultivate culture of data analytics the Alteryx way for Japan.

Brazilian-Portuguese Instructional Designer
Sylvia is from Brazil but currently lives in Toronto with her family. Every day when she wakes up, she thanks God for one more day and says to herself: "Sylvia, life is short to waste time doing common and useless things. Step out of your comfort zone to be surrounded by emotions, adventures, and new beginnings!" At Alteryx, she is responsible for bringing learning resources to the Brazilian Community of users.

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19 - Altair

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I'm watching a workflow run and catching up on community and watched all of the 30 second confessions.  What fun!  Ladies like a wizard and fellows like a jedi.  Coffee and love are the go to items and that join tool seems to be the runaway favorite.  Thanks so much for keeping me company.




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