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5 - Atom

Hi All - Relatively new to Alteryx (but have had to learn quickly over the last year) but really starting to take off with intermediate use.


Apologies now if I happen to post on here every couple of hours!!


Thanks in advance for your help.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @JTB76 , 


great to have you! If you're just getting started with Alteryx, I'd recommend checking out the Getting Started Learning Path in the Academy. Check out the weekly challenges to test your skills! Note the "Labels" component on the right - you can sort by tools or by "beginner" so you can test out your skills! 


Feel free to post a question or many 😉 if you need any info, help or guidance. We have a passionate group of Community users who are always looking to support others, so any question goes! 


I wish you luck, enjoy learning & keep us posted.


Steph Jansen-Havreng
14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar

Welcome @JTB76 !  Feel free to post any questions you have along your journey.  The Discussions section is the best place for that as you work through your path to success!