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Alteryx Pilot Program

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

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  • What is the Alteryx Pilot program?
    • Alteryx Pilot Program gives sales-approved customers access to pre-release versions of Alteryx Products. You can become a critical part of our development team! Try the latest features and give feedback to help Alteryx deliver the best versions of our products ever!
  • Who can participate in the Alteryx Pilot Program?
    • Sales-Approved Alteryx Customers in good standing
    • Alteryx Partners
  • How do I Participate?
    • If you’re a customer with a valid license key you’ll need to sign up for a Centercode account by going here If you already have a Centercode account, it has been migrated, but you will have to register for a My Alteryx account through our SSO process if you haven’t already. Review the SSO FAQ if you’re having trouble registering.
  • I have an Alteryx Community login, is that the same as my Alteryx pilot program login?
    • Unfortunately, not. Our SSO program will add more customer engagement applications, like Alteryx Community, in the future. For now, your Alteryx Community login and Alteryx Pilot Program login accounts are completely separate.
  • If you are having trouble activating the license key for Designer, please try the offline license activation method as described in the help docs  ‘Activate a license offline (file activation)’ section. Note please send the .req file to to upload the file into the UAT portal.