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Alteryx Digital Badge Program: Claim your Skills

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Translating learner outcomes into terms that employers can understand, and trust is a challenge. Job-seeking students are eager to share what they know, but employers struggle to understand and verify their capabilities. Digital badges allow you to share your achievement online in a way that is simple, trusted and can be verified in real time.


We partnered with Credly to provide digital badges for our Alteryx certifications. Badges provide validation of your earned credentials and can be displayed on social media platforms and digital resumes; it also provides evidence of your knowledge, skills, and the work you put into earning your credential. Credly also offers a talent directory and labor market insights that connect your skills to job opportunities.


What is a digital badge?

A digital badge is a web-enabled acknowledgement of a certificate, course completion, or learning outcome. The skills acquired to obtain your digital badge can be verified in real-time, online, allowing you to quickly demonstrate and validate your accomplishments.


Why a digital badge?

Translating and highlighting skills on a resume can result in oversimplified and underwhelming bits of information that often fail to encompass the work entailed for you to attain your certification or to clearly translate the scope of your newly acquired expertise. Digital badges allow you to easily communicate your credentials in an ever-expanding online marketplace


How can I receive a digital badge?

If you have a valid certification (they are valid for two years), you will receive an email from admin@credly.com asking you to accept your badge on Credly. Follow the instructions and let your professional network know that you are Alteryx certified by sharing your badge directly on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, via email, and/or embed it in your digital resume, website, or email signature. 


If you are not yet Alteryx certified, or if your certification has expired, visit the Alteryx Product Certification Program page and start preparing to take the exam that best fits your level of knowledge and technical skill. The Community has tons of material, prep guides, videos and weekly challenges to get you ready for the exam. Once you pass it, you will receive an email from Credly asking you to accept your badge. This is your chance to stand out from the crowd!

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I have not received email from credly for my badge, I have attempted Core designer certification exam on Friday, 18 Feb2022 .

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I have not received my Core certificate although I passed the exam. I passed it on May 14th, 2022

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I have not received email from credly for my badge, I have attempted Alteryx Foundation Micro Credential  on 18 Nov 2022.Alteryx.jpg

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I also have not received the email from Credly so I can show my badge on my LinkedIn