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Do you like fun? We like fun!


Welcome to the Alteryx Community, your one-stop-shop for planning total analytical domination. As you make your way through the Alteryx Academy, blogs, and discussion boards, be on the look out for little nuggets of fun throughout the Community. Actually, scratch that - you'll find that the entire Community is fun! We're a global community where everyone is encouraged to learn together, and geek out.




We love to connect and hang out in person!

Whether it's at Inspire, or after a User Group meeting, chances are you'll see us all hanging out with our awesome Community!


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We love to celebrate your use cases with our Analytics Excellence Awards

Our Analytics Excellence Awards are the perfect way to highlight the work that you're doing with Alteryx. Best of all, Alteryx will donate to Alteryx for Good non-profit organizations and the winners of the Excellence Awards will get to donate additional funds to the charity of their choice. Submit your use case on the Community!





We organize the pomp and circumstance for those who strive to be Certified awesome.

...Wait. I can get Alteryx certified, receive a badge on the Community and a digital certificate of completion? Hold on... you say the Alteryx Designer Core and Advanced Certifications are free? Sign me up!






We celebrate the Women of Analytics

It's super important for us to highlight and empower women and young girls in S.T.E.M. to ensure equality for all. We have a Women of Analytics panel every year at Inspire to share important insights in how to level up your career, as well as an entire discussion board area on the Community to keep the conversation going. All are welcome!




We love to Learn Local with our #AlteryxUserGroups

Didn't know that your neighbor might also be an Alteryx Addict? Whether you join a local, in-person user group, start an internal group at your organization, or join a virtual industry/departmental group online, Alteryx user groups are your place to geek out, play games, and share tips and tricks. Check out the Alteryx User Group Meeting Roundup for a sneak peak into what these groups are doing around the globe.





ACEs to the rescue!

Quick as a flash and sharp as a tack, our Alteryx ACEs are a force when it comes to Alteryx knowledge and help on the Community. Have a question about an issue you're running in to? Work it out with an ACE. Want to team up with an ACE on a new app or macro to share with the Community? Give them a shout.





We're so hip we even have a podcast!

Our podcast, Alter Everything, is full of fun banter with your favorite Community stars, sharing their career advice, and their thrilling thoughts on data science and analytics culture. There might even be the occasional Easter egg for those who listen closely...





Plus, we know how competitive you all are...

Solutions, likes, and badges - oh my! The Community is filled with different ways to flex your Alteryx muscles and compete against other #AlteryxAddicts. Toss your hat in the ring for competitions like Road to Inspire, Santalytics, and the Grand Prix.


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We're so excited to see you get active and geek out with us on the Alteryx Community!

5 - Atom

This is a wonderful way to learn with others who have the same goals. An interactive, fun community with experts to assist us when we have questions. Thank you for this opportunity!

9 - Comet

Interesting! thanks